Rules and Regulations Policy

College Timings & Schedule

College working days are from Monday to Saturday barring Public or University declared holidays.

Junior College – General Timings  12 PM to 06 PM.

Senior college – General Timings  07 AM to 12 PM.

Each student is issued with valid ID card with his/her Name, Photo, Address and Blood group printed on it and shall carry the same while they are in campus.

Code Of Conduct

  1. Students are expected to behave responsibly and respectfully with college Authorities, Principal, Teachers and non-teaching staff. They shall not engage in any activity which may harm the repute, discipline of the college or breach its normal working, either inside or outside the College premises.
  2. Students shall not damage college properties and take very good care of them. If any damage is found to have occurred then the fine along with repair charges or complete price will be recovered from damage causing students.
  3. When classes are on student shall observe complete Silence Zone in the campus and shall not loiter anywhere.
  4. Students shall keep on checking Notice Boards for important information regarding academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  5. Visitors to the students are not allowed during college hours and incase of absolute necessity prior permission of college authorities is to be taken.
  6. No use of Mobile phones during college hours lectures, practicals and while in library.
  7. Students shall follow Dress Code strictly during college hours, industrial visits or any other outside visits when they are representing college.
  8. Mass Bunks are strictly prohibited and if taken concerned students shall face disciplinary action.
  9. Students residing in Hostel shall follow all the rules made known to them about In-Out timings, Discipline and Cleanliness.
  10. Students shall refrain from misusing the social media which may cause damage to the reputation of college and breach of this rule shall attract disciplinary action.
  11. The student/s shall be liable to disciplinary action for any kind of contravention to the above mentioned rules. The disciplinary action may involve warning, and/or fine and/or suspension from the class, from examination, from the College as such and/or any such action as per the disciplinary rules. During the enquiry conducted by the students discipline committee against a student’s conduct, the authorities have the right to suspend him/her from the College.

Attendance Policy

  1. As prescribed by SPPU minimum 75% attendance for lectures/labs, tutorials and other academic activities is compulsory failing which student shall not be allowed to attend Sessional/ University Examination.
  2. However Students can avail leave with prior permission from college authorities. In case of leaves for medical reasons authentic Medical certificate have to be furnished within stipulated time.

Discipline Rules

In case of suspension of a student by the Principal. He/she will not be allowed to enter the college campus and participate in any kind of college activity. However, he/she may be allowed for the examinations with prior permission of the principal. If such student/s is found in the college campus without permission he/she will be liable for further disciplinary action.

Anti Ragging Policy

Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited both inside and outside the College premises. Any student found to be indulging in any kind of ragging would be considered as guilty of gross indiscipline and as per the Hon. Supreme Court ruling an FIR will be filed against the concerned student and will be immediately suspended from the college. Anyone also found to be indulging in eve-teasing shall also be dealt with the strictest disciplinary action.

Placement Policy

Eligible students will be provided On Campus or Off Campus placement support and opportunities through Training and Placement Cell.Student shall regularly check with T&P officer for placement drives and follow all the rules made known to them from time to time.

The preliminary eligibility criteria for Campus Placements is 

  1. Minimum 75% of attendance.
  2. No back logs.
  3. Must have not been involved in any in-disciplinary activity.

Fee Policy

  • Students shall deposit college fees as per the following schedule 
    • For odd semesters: 1st to 15th July
    • For even semesters: 1st to 15th January
      • In case of delay a penalty of Rs. 100/- per day will be charged.
  • Fee Refund Policy
    • Upon cancellation of admission fee will be refunded as per following rules
    • Cancellation of admission within 15 days from the date of filling up the admission form 100% fee will be refunded.
    • Cancellation of admission from 16th day to 30th day from the date of filling up the admission form 50% fee will be refunded.
    • Cancellation of admission from 31st day to 45th day from the date of filling up the admission form 25% fee will be refunded.
    • Cancellation of admission after 45 days from the date of filling up the admission form will not be refunded in any case.
  • Upon loss or damage to the ID card, Duplicate ID card may be issued on payment of Rs. 50/-.

General Policy

  1. Students shall always carry valid ID card when on campus or outside if representing college.
  2. Consumption of liquor, chewing of tobacco /chewing gum, smoking is strictly prohibited in college and hostel premises.
  3. Writing on college furniture or walls or defacing them is strictly prohibited.
  4. Students shall not carry any sort of weapon on College/ Hostel premises.
  5. Hostel facility availing students shall keep their rooms neat and tidy.
  6. Students shall take necessary precaution about safety of their belongings while on college campus. College administration shall not be responsible for any damage or loss.
  7. Students organizing trips, picnics privately, on their own, shall do it at their own risk and college administration shall not be responsible for any consequences arising out of it.
  8. Students can contribute to college’s betterment by making valuable suggestions through suggestion boxes provided at designated locations.
  9. For any official college function organized on campus or outside the campus, student shall strictly follow all the rules made known to them from time to time.

Library Rules

  1. The library facility can be availed by students carrying valid ID card only.
  2. Strict Silence Zone to be maintained in library all the time.
  3. Use of mobile phones in library is strictly prohibited.
  4. Students shall handle all the reading material carefully.
  5. Students shall follow all the rules and regulations regarding issue and return of the books.
  6. Students shall pay stipulated fines for late return, damage or loss of the issued book.
  7. Violation of library rules or misconduct by any reader may result in cancellation of library facility for the concerned student.

Examination Policy

  1. Students appearing for examination shall carry valid ID card and other relevant documents and must occupy their seats 10 minutes prior to all examinations.
  2. Use of cellular phones/ programmable calculators/ communication devices is strictly prohibited inside the examination hall.
  3. Students shall maintain absolute discipline in examination hall and follow instructions of examination supervisor.
  4. During the examination invigilator or flying squad can check any student for doubt of malpractices and any kind of resistance to this will be treated as a case of unfair means.
  5. Any written material other than the Answer sheet, in the form of chit, writing on calculator, desk, hand, use of mobile or wireless devices, etc. will be treated as unfair means. In such cases college administration reserves the right to take disciplinary action in the form of cancellation of examination, deduction of marks or any other suitably appropriate action.
  6. All Unit tests, Mid-Term Examinations and any such examinations declared by college administration are compulsory for all the students.